Short & Simple Wellness Tips

Does it ever seem like trying to live a healthy lifestyle is just too complicated? We see all the advice about ‘superfoods’, ‘nutrient timing’ or ‘the best exercises’ and it can all seem a little overwhelming. The truth is, it doesn’t have to be complicated to be effective. Here are a few short & simple wellness tips to remind you living a healthy lifestyle doesn’t need to be hard.

The Veggies You Should Eat Every Day

You know the best vegetables to eat every day? The ones you actually want to eat! Let’s face it; if we’re trying to force ourselves to eat things we don’t enjoy just because we think they’re good for us, we’re not going to be able to stick with it for long.

A variety of vegetables with text overlay: 5 Veggies you should eat every day: 1. The Ones 2. You 3. Enjoy 4. Eating 5. Often

Taking Care of Our Mental Health

Sometimes our Mental Health is the last thing we think of when we’re trying to adopt new, healthier habits, but it’s a vital part of our overall wellness. Here are a few small ways we can give ourselves some mental self-care.

Light Purple background with icons and text overlay: Mental Self-Care Ideas: Read self-help or personal growth books, Journal or brain dump, Do a Social Media Detox, Set Goals - big and small, Practice Positive Self-Talk, Practice Gratitude

Give Yourself Some Grace

Instead of beating yourself up the next time you “fall off the wagon” why not try giving yourself some grace? This really is a natural (and normal) part of the change/growth process. Progress is not linear; sometimes we’ll go forward, and sometimes we’ll go back a few steps. It’s all part of the process, and as long as we don’t quit, we’re still growing and making positive changes.

Green and purple frame with text: What if we treated "off the wagon" periods as a natural or normal part of the experience of change and growth?

It’s All About Our Daily Choices

As we just talked about, progress isn’t a linear process. It’s a series of daily choices. The choices we make each day can move us toward who we want to be or let us slide back into those old, comfortable habits. Sometimes ‘comfortable’ is what we need, and that’s okay. The important thing is to consciously make the decision to move forward or to take a temporary rest.

Light purple background with white text: The difference between who you are and who you want to be is what you choose to do. Choose to make today amazing!

Eating Healthy When You’re Busy

Sometimes it can feel like we’re too busy to eat healthy, but here are a few tips to help you get ahead of the curve…. For some more tips, check out 5 Ways to Eat Healthy When You’re Short On Time.

Poached egg and asparagus on bread, along with avocado and tomato, with text: Some tips to eat healthy when you have a busy schedule: 01. Cook your meals ahead of time, 02. Pack lunches the night before, 03. Eat a healthy breakfast, 04. Bring snacks with you to work, 05. Avoid drinking or eating out too often

You Don’t Have to Join a Gym to Get a Good Workout

Although joining a gym can be a great option for many people, you really don’t need to join one in order to get a good workout. And you don’t have to buy a bunch of expensive equipment either. You can get started with just bodyweight exercises or a few pieces of basic equipment, such as resistance bands or dumbbells.

Resistance bands and dumbbells with text overlay: Not Ready to Join a Gym? Get Started At Home. If you aren’t ready to join a gym, you can get started with strength training at home. With some basic equipment, you can start strength training in your own time and on your own terms. 
If you don’t have any equipment yet, you can substitute with household items.

Living a healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to be complicated. It really can be as simple as making choices each day that support the healthy life we want to live.

Are we always going to be ‘perfect’ in making those choices? Of course not! It’s important for us to realize we don’t have to be perfect in order to make progress.

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  1. As always Terri, you have a timely post that coincides with my life. I am trying my best to change my eating habits and it can be tough; it truly is a mental process that I’m going to have to try and make adjustments to. It’s a lifestyle change so I know I’m in for a rough challenge, but I like that part in which you said progress is not a linear process. I never really thought that choosing a healthy lifestyle would incorporate the physical as well as the mental aspects of ourselves.

    1. Thanks for sharing Mark! Change can definitely be tough, but you’ve got this. Like you said, it’s a mental process as much as a physical one, and it takes time. I hope when you’re having challenges that you’ll remember that progress ISN’T linear and not beat yourself up if you seem to be in one of those “not so great” periods. Wishing you all the best with building your new healthy habits!

  2. Excellent post. Combining all the tips. So true — The important thing is to consciously make the decision to move forward or to take a temporary rest. (I love the reminder that it can be an ok decision to take a temporary rest. Thank you for pulling all this together and continuing to post. 🎉👏🏻👏🏻

    1. Thanks so much Sarah! I think we have to remember that sometimes life happens and we may need to be okay with not doing all the things we would like to temporarily. Sending love and hugs your way!

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