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    1. I have to say, it certainly makes me feel hopeful VJ! I just love when I start those first little seedlings for the garden. They won’t get to go outside for another couple of weeks, but hopefully, they’ll be ready to take off when I get them in the garden. Hope you’re doing well sweet friend! Sending hugs your way!

  1. Your post made me smile. Cucumbers and tomatoes are my favorite veggies (or should I say call tomatoes a fruit). 👏🏻

    1. Thanks so much Sarah! I have some cucumber seedlings, but I decided to buy plants for my tomatoes this year. I messed around and waited too long to plant my seeds, so the tomatoes wouldn’t have had the time to get where they needed to be in time to plant them outside. There are also some zucchini, yellow squash, some herbs, and some sunflowers among the seedlings you see there. Sending hugs your way!

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